Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Cigar Box and Goodies frrom Terri Dusrt

 Theses are some  pictures of the Amazing gifts,  Terri truly went above and beyond with this box. Thank you so very much Terri, I feel so lucky and special to be on the receiving end of this box, HUGS PATTY

I Had A Swap, so much fun, so exciting.

I recently had a swap with a sister from Secret Squirel Sisterhood Society, her name is Terri Durst. Nicole Durst and her mom Terri Durst invited myself along with Darlene (armycaptainsmom on youtube) to take part in a swap because we missed the SSS Cigar Box swap in April and we all were dying to take part so we made a private swap amongst ourselves.  We had to make a cigar box, pin cushion and stick pins.

I took so pictures of the cigar box, pin cushion and pins that I sent Terri. I hope she loves it.