Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Subscribers Giveaway! Win a Beautiful Wreath in 3 Easy Steps

I recently opened a youtube channel and decided the best way to get new subscribers is to have a fantastic giveaway. All yiu have to do is go to my youtube channel and subscibe, then go to my facebook page and follow, and lastly go to my blog and follow.. Please leave a comment on facebook or blospot letting me know you finished all three . I will be announcing the winner on January 4,2012

I have a very exciting annoucement I will be making on January 5 ,2012  , Please check back, its very Big News. Pinkhugs


  1. Just joined you blog site as well as your you tube and face book. Thanks for the chance to win that beautiful wreath you made! Love the photos of your holiday decorations in your Florida home they are gorgeous!

  2. Became a follower and I love your house...used to live in Florida myself and my oldest son and mom still lives there my son in Tampa and my Mom in St. Pete's...the only difference in our shabby chic flavors is you love pink and well I love purple...hehe...thanks for sharing with us and I will definitely be back! :)

  3. I see that you love shabby chic, I think it's so beautiful! I cant' wait to see what else you create thanks for a chance to enter! ~Kelly at youtube walkelmol (

  4. Just joined blog and youtube and facebook! Wow that is a gorgeous wreath!! Thanks for the chance to win!!


  5. Hi Patty,
    i am a follower of your blog for a while now. And now i´m a follower on Facebook and YT too.
    I like how you decorated your house in this beautiful shabby chic style.
    And this giveaway is gorgeous. I love this wreath.
    Wanted to make my own but here in Germany coffe filter look different so i cant mace one:-(

  6. Gorgeous wreath. I love your blog. I just subscribed and will be doing so on your facebook and you tube as well. Thanks for a chance to win such a beautiful gift.