Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shabby Chic Tag

I just made a new shabby chic style tag for a giveaway that I had and I wanted to make something to put her money card that she won . It measures 4 x 6  and can be put out on a display on her desk or in her craft room.

I am still having an issue making videos, one problem is editing them and I can not figure everything just yet but I am sure that will come. The other is the lighting, and I am also not speaking loud enough.  I guess its like anything else you have to practice , practice , practice. I also need to get the picture better, but again, it isn't always sharp. I keep forgetting to look at the lcd screen while taping. Oh , well in a few months I will hopefully look back at laugh at myself or laugh that I am no better than I was on day one.
Here's the link to the youtube video
Thank and Pink Hugs,

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